High definition for any setting

Delivering the ultimate meeting experience


Various Application Scenarios

Multiple applications… including meeting room, lecture hall, auditorium, showroom and other large event spaces…

SONY | Google TV

Google TV ™ comes to life with vibrant colors and sounds

If you are looking for smart entertainment, with our sony line you have the best choice. Look what makes it unique.


Environmental optimization

Environmental optimization Sit back and enjoy a fascinating viewing experience. Our exclusive Ambient optimization technology with light sensor automatically adjusts the sound and image to your surroundings.

Environmental optimization

Our TV Lines include a light sensor that optimizes the brightness of the image according to the conditions of the room,
increasing the brightness in bright rooms and reducing it in dark rooms so you can enjoy a perfect view.

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Mahur Group

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Mahur Group is a company in the I.T recognized and positioned in the local market for the provision of excellent services, offering highly effective, innovative, profitable solutions in accordance with the needs of each client.
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